Screening Blitz

The intent of creating these media projects  (video, still photography, tabletop books, online) is
to find new souls to make the short drive over the river, to find others to open their
hearts, and their checkbooks, to buy rice, beans, clothes, diapers, the very basics for
our brothers and sisters in need.
Beginning  October 18 we commence 33Screenings in 33 Days.
This blitz will hopefully help kickstart the next phase of production, start the time
intensive postproduction process, and energize the outreach program.
So far we look forward to public screenings in Schertz, Cibolo, New Braunfels, Eagle
Pass, Piedras Negras and Nava, Coahuila, Mexico, Dallas, Arlington….
Would you like to suggest a screening site?
Church, Home, Library, Community Center all work fine. Will screen for 1 to groups of
101. Q&A to follow.
Besides creating support media for the benefit of the Border Ministries and those they
serve, I intend to introduce  Christian congregations on ALL sides of the border with our
outreach program, 33messages. This is a digital storytelling collaboration that knows no
borders. We have already begun recording in Mexico at Templo Aleluya, and have so far
engaged some from our UCUMC community as well as Catholic churches in Schertz,
New Braunfels, Dallas and Irving Texas. On her quick visit to the states I met with Kim
Buck, so hopefully we will have collaborators from Russia soon as well.
Our aim is to spread the Word using today’s tools that everyone has at their
fingertips( computers, digital cameras) and to share the Word, along with our pictures,
across the world via YouTube, Facebook and emerging social networking connectors as
they come into our lives.
I look forward to showing you the work in progress, get your feeling for what we are
doing, answer your questions, and getting some of you involved in this digital
evangelism collaboration.
Join us as we share the Word in a most unique, timely manner.
Gods blessings to you all,
Rick Gold
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