A Documentary work in progress

I’ve visited Piedras Negras and Nava, Coahuila, Mexico three times in the last months with the intention of producing a variety of media projects that would help to serve the poor folks that live just across the river, the unfortunate ones living on the wrong side of the tracks, those that have little to support themselves, with very limited job opportunities, and bleak prospects for the future.
Initially I was drawn to this project because of the passion, empathy and Christlike compassion exhibited by missionaries from Universal City, Alamo Heights, Laurel
Heights, Boerne UMC and many others…
During my first visits,  I’ve recorded initial video and photos to begin collecting the
numerous elements of this story.
The first project, ” The Angels of Piedras Negras” is a documentary that traces the daily lives, challenges, triumphs and inspiration of the caregivers at Templo Aleluya,  Casa de Misericordia and Casa Bethesda and to also shine light on the Angels from north of the border that help support these brothers and sisters in Nava.
The purpose of such a documentary is to increase support from north of the border. Bad economic times coupled with increased fears of narco violence south of the border have hampered the efforts to support the missions. Where once thousands made this area a target of their loving support, the present day activities have dwindled to the efforts of only handfuls of devoted missionaries.

By ciboloproductions

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