I have already begun recording congregation members in an outreach project. This is a collaboration with kids and adults that crosses many border.

This is how I intend to encourage participation in 33 Messages.
The idea is to produce short media projects that focus on their unique interpretation of Psalms, Parables, Biblical stories, inspirational tales, and
Prayers. This will be a mix of video and still images, computer generated works where
the local kids will be engaged first by lending their voices, then by helping, if they wish,
to create artwork, gather images and take part in creating media work that revolves
around the Word of God. These short messages, shared via YouTube, Facebook and
the like is a new form of spreading the Word. Call it Digital Evangelizing for lack of a
better description.
I am encouraging mission groups that work in various parts of the globe to participate by
sharing their voices. All they have to do is record their voices on their computer and
email those files to us. after they hear their voices linked with our images ( we’ll send
links via youtube) they also might wish to go that next step and create their own images.

This is an ongoing project that I pray will have a lasting impact on the makers or the media as well as the audience they share their messages with.


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