Going Forward

I plan to return to Nava to record at Templo Aleluya and follow closely the activities of
Pastor Hector, and especially Mary and Flavio and their helpers who help run the facility
on a day to day basis.

We’ll observe the Praise and worship session conducted before daily lunch.

Often this is their only meal of the day.
In a present day version of the story of the loaves and fishes,

Templo Aleluya hosts the entire congregation to a Sunday dinner.

We’ll observe the ongoing building activities as well as look at future plans to support
our brothers and sisters in need. The community has built a new school, but numerous
obstacles prevent classes to be held. Until recently the building served as a temporary
home for a family that lost their home to fire.
Thanks to the building efforts of local and visiting supporters this family has a new
Angels from San Antonio are helping the congregation towards sustainability by
introducing crafts that can be made and sold for the benefit of the congregation.

These angels are helping create micro businesses to develop self sufficiency within the
community. Supporters have supplied training, tools, sewing machines and materials.
Presently some of the women are sewing aprons, bags and are crafting jewelry with
beads created by women in Uganda.
Recently supporters have assisted this community by helping to build a new
woodworking studio for Flavio to design and create crosses to sell. To aid in the goal of
helping underemployed men become self sufficient they also are planning to teach
woodworking skills.
Besides contributing food, clothing, assistance building and repairing homes, some of
the San Antonio angels are helping adult brothers and sisters with developing basic
literacy skills.


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