Support Us

For this project we are going to raise funds from a number of sources.

We are looking for 1000 friends to subscribe @$1 per month. Can you do that?

We also want to find  1000 friends to subscribe at $3.33 per month.

We would love subscribers at the $10 per month level.

If you or your company would commit to $20 per month

These friends would help us raise the money we need for transportation, food, lodging, while we produce the documentary.

It allows us to take the work in progress (and eventually the finished video) to screen for groups all over the state to raise awareness, find new souls to do the missionary work needed by our brothers and sisters south of the border. To find sponsors for the kids. To buy rice, beans , meat, diapers etc.

We are soon to start a kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign to raise $36,000 for our year one budget.

We hope to find an underwriter (either an individual of means or a corporation) to help us with $10,000 to make this project possible.

We also seek sponsors that will help us at the $1000- $5000 level.

In the coming months we will offer signed limited edition prints from both the filmmaker of the documentary as well as works from the students themselves.

In our store we intend to offer for sale calendars, t shirts, coffee cups and other items that support the project, the Border Ministries and of course the kids and parents in the communities we are serving.

If you would like to supply 100 pounds of rice per month, or per year, let us know!

If you feel like you can supply a sweater or a dozen sweaters, it does get cold down there, and they would be appreciated.

These folks have long term needs,and no support from their families nor the Mexican Goverment.

Dont wait for the DVD to hit the shelves at your local store, or on iTunes!

Get the special super low PRE Premier Price(PPP) of only $20.00
Thats a good $10.00 off the regular price.

Send your check to us at CiboloProductions

302 Sunrose Lane, Cibolo Texas 78108


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