Computer Lab

A Computer classroom is near completion, with the goal of bringing basic computing
skills to the youth. 10 computers were recently donated to be used to introduce the kids to digital

While creating media projects (video, print, online)to promote and support the activities in Piedras Negras and Nava,
we also want to engage the kids in other ways. I intend to conduct media arts
workshops in the fall to show the kids how these tools work and can impact their life.

Media making can empower the youth, develop critical thinking skills, teamwork, to
not only express themselves, but to also help raise awareness of their community by
recording the activities of Templo Aleluya, Casa de Misericordia and Bethesda.
Eventually media works by the kids at Temple Aleluya and Misericordia, will allow
sponsors to visually track the arc of life of the orphans and sponsored individuals.

I am actively looking for individuals and companies to donate their lightly used digital cameras,
computers, scanners and art supplies to conduct media arts workshops in the fall.
We seek corporate sponsors and underwriting to supply new computers, software,(Adobe Premier and Photoshop Essentials)
scanners, digital still and video cameras and accessories( lights, tripods, microphones)
to add to the existing digital tools in place at Templo and Misericordia.


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