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  1. Rick,
    My name is Roy Adams, and I am the founder of Hands and Feet Ministries. We will be in Piedras for our annual New Years mission trip Dec. 27- Jan. 1 We will have a big New Years Celebration at Aleluya on Dec, 31st. Would you be able to attend? Thank you for what you are doing and I would really like to meet you! My phone number is 770 548-2502, please give me a call !

    • Great to hear from you Roy. Since the start of photography for the Angels of Piedras Negras, the name Hands and Feet have come up often, so it’s a blessing to make connections with you. I hope to be able to attend some of the festivities you mentioned. Please click on Like at the Facebook page for The Angels of Piedras Negras, and to see regularly posted new photos and clips of video that are elements of the story. Planning on a few more photo/video sessions before we get into the editing in earnest. Will be screening the work in progress as often as possible all throughout the process. During and after the documentary, I plan ongoing activities, I.e. digital storytelling workshops, and other collaborative projects with our brothers and sisters south of the border…lots in the works.
      Bendiciones y Gracias!

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